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Those Who Are Helping To Shed Light
On This Story & The Alzheimer's Epidemic


The Production Team


The writing team of Eric Watson and Jay Giannone have crafted a screenplay that accurately captures the life of Ed Hover, and the effects of Dementia/Alzheimer’s on the individual and family. They structured it so that the movie flows with the tension of a high stakes drama and the warmth of a comedy.


Derek Baker, Jay Giannone, and Erich Hover are a producing team with a common vision: to make a film so powerful that it will motivate people to take action to help end Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s important to tell a story about the challenges a family faces and how they cope. We’re making an uplifting film about a family sticking together. Derek Baker produced two independent films in Nebraska: “Ulterior Motives” and “For Love of Amy”. His resources for great crew and locations will pull us in under budget. Jay Giannone financed, produced, wrote, and directed his own feature film “Scalpers”. Erich Hover has the necessary motivation to honor his father and end Alzheimer’s to make this movie a reality.


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