A Movie Portraying An Epidemic
That Is Progressive, Fatal And Has No Cure


A Movie Portraying An Epidemic That Is Progressive, Fatal And Has No Cure.

  • Right now in 2013, 5 million Americans have the disease.
  • By 2050 an estimated 15 million people will have the disease.
  • Someone develops the disease EVERY 68 Seconds.
  • This year in 2013, the disease will cost the nation $203 billion.
  • By 2050, it will cost the nation 1.2 trillion.

The Epidemic is Dementia / Alzheimer’s

eric-article2My name is Erich Hover and I am an actor. I worked alongside Brad Pitt in the film “Moneyball” and I’m the middle son of Ed who is stricken with Frontotemporal Dementia. This movie is going to tell my father’s story and my goal is that it will become a vehicle to raise awareness about the disease and provide funding from it’s viewership to help support a cure. 10% of the profits of the film will be donated to Dementia/Alzheimer’s research.

This film is about a family sticking together through a difficult situation, showing the bonds between a father and his children and the love between a husband and wife.

Ed Hover was born in Omaha in 1950. Graduated high school, received his undergraduate and Masters degrees in Biology and Ecology from Nebraska-Omaha, married a wonderful woman named Jerrie. They had three boys that he raised the same way he was; to work hard, treat people with respect and spend quality time with your family.

Ed read a book a week, traveled, exercised daily, enjoyed fishing, hunting, camping, and horticulture (he loved working in his yard) and did everything a person is supposed to do to keep their mind healthy. However, Ed started showing symptoms of Dementia/Alzheimer’s at age 58. Now at age 62 the disease has drastically affected his memory and his behavior.

Movie Highlights

  • Accomplished Award Winning Filmmaker, Eric Watson.
  • Mr. Watson has produced 10 FEATURE films and his first movie “Pi” won the Sundance Festival in 1998.

Film Location:


Production Start Date:

Spring 2013 Development and Production Costs: Secured

Project TimeLine:

  • Produce the Movie
  • Submit to Film Festivals (like Sundance)
  • Arrange theatrical and DVD distribution
  • Donate 10% of Profits to Dementia / Alzheimer’s research




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